We are the Pawn Map Club and Our ambition is to take you through a journey of maps, assaults, zombies, and many more. You will have alot of Fun, Rewards, and Prizes. If you want to Come along our Journey please enter.
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PostSubject: Iushka Look    Iushka Look  EmptySun Jun 03, 2012 9:56 pm

Pawn's Map Sponsorship

Please take a Moment and Really Look into the Following, What you might Find is Interesting and a Good Sponsorship for Your Maps, If You want to Join the Map Club Feel Free and Visit This Link Under this Following Statement, But Overall we Sponsor Your Maps and Spread Your View Around Pawn Nation.

Pawn's Map Club - Sponsorship Club

This is Pawn Map Sponsorship Hosted By Qtk and I Would Like to Explain this Following Forum To all of Pawn Tactics

We Sponsor Different Types of Clubs, Ideas, and Maps Because we're Just the Pawn Map Club.

Many Benefits Will Result of This Such as Sponsorship, Alot of Collides, and Many More.

There Are No Requirements to be Sponsored But Requirements are only Prefered if you want to Join the Map Club.

Now Lets Get Things Started!

Iushka Look  Banner10[/url]

We Are the Eternity Team and This is Our Website Banner, You Like? Well If You Sign Up Either to Join the Pawn Map Club or The Sponsor Club We will Make Banners for You, Spread Your Word, Etc.

So What Exactly We Do?

Well We Have Different Features of the Pawn Map Club That is...

~Pawn's Map Club
~Point Of View

Lets Start of With SponsorShip

Iushka Look  Sponso10

There are Two different types of sponsorship such as website sponsorship and promoter sponsorship

Pawn Map Club [PMC]
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PostSubject: Re: Iushka Look    Iushka Look  EmptySun Jun 03, 2012 10:06 pm

So it's not even promotion that is for the game/clan? It's just websites? O.o
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