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 ~GH~ How To Screenie *Full*

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PostSubject: ~GH~ How To Screenie *Full*   Thu May 31, 2012 9:55 pm

This is a thread made by me of how to take a screenshot and how to upload it.
In this thread i will screenshot www.Google.com for the example.

[size=18]d]1. First go to the page you want to screenshot. In this thread i will screenshot Google.com so i will go to Google and press the Print Screen button usually located in the right side of the keyboard.

2. Go to Paint and just press Ctrl+V or just right click and press paste.
(This is when i pasted it on paint after print screening it).

*In the screenshot below i pasted the screenshot i just took on Paint.


3. Then Crop it out by clicking the rectangle icon on paint. The lines in the rectangle are dashed and i am on it in this screenshot. Crop out the part you want the main focus to be on. For example i want the Google logo so i will crop it as shown in the screenie below :

** In the screenie below i show you the Crop icon and how your supposed to Crop it. Press the crop icon circled in red and put the main thing (PG MAP) in a box you make.


4. After you are done with cropping it out just press Ctrl+C (Copy the cropped part) and then open a new paint ( This can be done by closing the old paint browser and re opening it. Then just press Ctrl+V (Paste). After this your cropped out part should appear on paint. Then all you have to do is save it ( I prefer desktop because it is easier to find).

** After you open it in a new paint it will look like this :



5. After you save it you are almost done. Go to www.tinypic.com. Then you will see a box where it says "Open File." Press it and go on Desktop to open the saved picture you screenied.

*Tinypic.com screenie


*After you press upload now a screen like this should pop-up ( Make sure you copy the URL for Forums ):


Forgive me for spelling errors!
Here follow these steps and you will learn how to get the best screenshot of whatever you want! Also make sure you read the information i typed next to the screenshots to help.
Please tell me if this thread helped you.



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PostSubject: Reward   Thu May 31, 2012 11:14 pm

I Think You Just Earned Your Self an Reward, Please Choose one of the Following.

Account Reward
Map Reward
Sponsorship Reward
??? Reward

Choose Wisely.
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PostSubject: Re: ~GH~ How To Screenie *Full*   Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:12 pm

Hey thanks, sir.
I'll just take an account reward since i can make maps Very Happy

P.S. What do you mean by sponsorship award?
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PostSubject: Re: ~GH~ How To Screenie *Full*   

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~GH~ How To Screenie *Full*
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