We are the Pawn Map Club and Our ambition is to take you through a journey of maps, assaults, zombies, and many more. You will have alot of Fun, Rewards, and Prizes. If you want to Come along our Journey please enter.
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 SIte DEAD_____

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PostSubject: SIte DEAD_____   SIte DEAD_____ EmptySun Aug 12, 2012 4:29 pm

Since this site has been dead for awhile and for those of u tht do visit from time to time if u dnt know about the currently active site with alot of the same people from pawngame.com.. well then u should go check it out . its called sniperaccuracy.com.. and then theres also just a regular forum with games and stuff called chillcorner.99k.org. feel free to join. .
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SIte DEAD_____
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